About Our Jewelry

Is all Sassy Jewelry costume?

Yes, all of our jewelry is costume.  Costume jewelry, also known as fashion jewelry, is made of a combination of base metals.  Sassy Jewelry is rhodium plated to protect it from tarnishing.

What are the different stones used in Sassy designs?

We use high quality stones for our crystals and glass pearls for our pearls.  We use cubic zirconia for our CZ pieces.

Does Sassy Jewelry come in several sizes?

Our rings come in different sizes.  Our necklaces are usually 16" long with a 3-inch extender unless otherwise specified.  Bracelets are 7" long unless otherwise specified.  Usually small earrings are pierced, medium earrings are available pierced or clip and large earrings are clip.  Refer to the item description for additional information on sizes and whether is available in clip or pierced.

Where is Sassy Jewelry made?

Our main office is located in Atlanta, Georgia.  The Sassy line is designed locally in Atlanta by our in-house design team.  Production of our pieces is largely based in China.

Is Sassy Jewelry waterproof?

We don't advocate leaving any piece of jewelry, silver, gold or costume, in water for extended periods of time. Costume jewelry is highly resilient but will lose its luster, as will any piece of silver or fine jewelry, if repeatedly exposed to the elements.  Chlorine bleach could be specially damaging as it can have an oxidizing effect and turn the jewelry to a dark brown or black. Therefore, never wear your silver or costume jewelry into a swimming pool or hot tub. Any Sassy Jewelry with stones should not be exposed to water, as this could deteriorate the adhesives used to secure the stones.

What is the best way to store Sassy Jewelry and keep it clean?

We recommend keeping your Sassy Jewelry in zip lock bags to minimize the exposure to the elements.

The ideal way to keep Sassy Jewelry clean is to regularly wipe it with a specially treated jewelry cleaning cloth, available through Sassy South. We also sell a Jewelry Cleaner specially designed for costume jewelry that will restore the luster.