If you have ever wish for practical items that make your life a more pleasant one when it comes to jewelry, voila, your wish has been granted.  Jewelry accessories are practical but sometimes hard to find items that make jewelry fit better and last longer.  Ranging from earring backs and cushions for clip earrings to ring sizers and spray jewelry cleaner, these items are sometimes lifesavers.  Here is a list of these items:

Makes Jewelry Fit Better:
Adjustable Necklace Extender - Add 3 1/2 to 6 inches to any necklace instantly by attaching to the necklace and then pulling the end rings or connectors.  They come for all kinds or necklaces such as silver, gold or pearl.  Suggested Retail Price: $6.00 - $10.00

Converters - Converts pierced earrings to clip by inserting post of the earring into the Converter and bending gently at a right angle.  Available silver and gold.  Suggested Retail Price: $4.00

Diskies 2 - These specially designed earring backs for post earrings have a patented locking mechanism and a flange for added ear lobe support while wearing heavy earrings.  Available silver and gold.  Suggested Retail Price: $4.00

Magneti-Clasp - Converts necklace and bracelet clasps to magnetic clasps quickly and easily without tools.  Available silver and gold.  Suggested Retail Price: $4.00

Hook Ups - Small, soft flexible plastic earring backs for use on wire hook or French wire earrings. The Hook Up slides onto the wire and up against the ear to prevent the wire from slipping out of the ear. 6 pair to a pack.   Suggested Retail Price: $4.00

Ring Sizers - Made of soft, flexible surgical grade plastic, these ring sizers are designed to fit over the shank of a ring to prevent loose rings from slipping. 4 pieces to a pack.  Suggested Retail Price: $4.00

Makes Jewelry Last Longer:
Anti-Tarnish Squares - These 10 one inch square pieces of specially formulated paper absorb natural tarnish causing airborne pollutants, keeping your jewelry clean and tarnish free. Ideal for use in jewelry boxes, travel cases, silver trays, etc. A medium sized jewelry box needs one square to keep jewelry looking like new.  Suggested Retail Price: $4.00

Buff & Polish Cloth - Made of 100% cotton, this specially treated cloth instantly gives a long lasting mirror-like shine to costume, gold, platinum and sterling silver. It also contains Ag 4, a unique tarnish preventative. 1 cloth per package.  Suggested Retail Price: $5.00

Jewelry Cleaner - This 2 oz. Spray jewelry cleaner works like magic on costume jewelry, diamonds, gold, silver, copper and brass. Simply spray onto tarnished piece, wait a minute or so and rinse thoroughly with water. Wipe dry using a soft cotton cloth. (Cloth not included)  Suggested Retail Price: $5.00

Makes Your Life More Enjoyable:
Baby Backs - Small rubber post earring backs designed to cover the sharp ends of the earring post to prevent sticking when using the phone or sleeping. Perfect for small children and adults. Use in place of regular earring backs. Six pair to a pack.  Suggested Retail Price: $4.00

Clip-n-Zip - This is a fastening device that helps you get dressed with ease.  It can be used as a bracelet fastener, zipper pull or button hook.  Suggested Retail Price:  $20.00

Clip Slips - Soft, flexible cushions designed to slide onto the clip portion of a clip earring to relieve pressure from pinching and prevent metal from touching skin.  Suggested Retail Price:  $4.00

Go Betweens - Peel off adhesive pads for use on the base and paddle of clip earrings to prevent discomfort from pinching or metal sensitivity while wearing clip earrings. 6 round dots and 4 paddles.  Suggested Retail Price:  $4.00

Tension Key - This specially designed key with a slotted tip easily adjusts the tension of a clip earring. Simply insert the slotted key tip into the middle "spring" of the clip portion of a clip earring and very gently bend away from the earring to loosen tension and toward the earring to tighten.  Suggested Retail Price:  $4.00

Highly Sensitive to Metal
Diskies - Made of an FDA Grade of low-density polyethylene, these post earring backs are perfect for people who are highly sensitive to metal. They are soft, flexible and very comfortable, and provide added earlobe support while wearing heavy earrings. 6 pair to a pack.  Suggested Retail Price:  $4.00

Ear Care Gel - This product is formulated to relieve the itching and burning of sensitive ears caused by metal sensitivity. Use daily for best results. One 5-gram tube.  Suggested Retail Price:  $5.00

L'Protect - Stops skin irritation.  A clear protective coating for jewelry. Provides protective shield between metal and skin. Can be applied to all metal surfaces that may come in contact with your skin like earrings, rings, clasps, snaps on jeans, etc. Dries crystal clear and can be reapplied as needed.  Suggested Retail Price:  $5.00

Pierced Ear Formula - This 4 oz. Bottle contains an extra strength formula designed to keep pierced ears clean, healthy and germ free. It contains aloe for the natural enrichment of the tender ear lobes plus Benzethonium Chloride to kill dangerous germs that lead to sore ears.  Suggested Retail Price:  $5.00

Pierced Ear Protectors - These patented FDA Grade low-density polyethylene sleeves slide over the post of an earring to prevent metal from touching the ear. This eliminates metal sensitivity and irritation. The sleeve can also be used on wire earrings. 8 sleeves, 4 backs to a pack.  Suggested Retail Price:  $4.00

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