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February 2009



DID YOU KNOW? The term “prom” comes from the word “promenade”, or a procession of guests arriving at a formal event.  In Victorian times the upper class held grand balls where each guest was announced before entering.

Prom Time Pin K3261P(988004)





Accessories greatly increase revenues!

Sale of accessories can represent up to 30% of your store’s revenues.  Bring every customer trying on a dress in the fitting room jewelry, shoes, gloves, purse and hair accessories to complete the look. Create an incentive program for salespeople that provides a higher commission or small bonus if they sell jewelry, shoes and a purse with the dress. Selling more to the same customer is the easiest way to increase revenues. Customers waiting for a fitting room can be entertained with a Sassy South catalog and retail price list. Use our standard retail list or request a customized price list for your store. Make a New Year’s resolution: Not one dress will be sold without accessories!

Meet Our Owners

Nilsa Algarin and Edgard Nieves bought Sassy South 7 years ago. Originally from Puerto Rico, they came to the mainland in 1985 for their master’s degrees. They have 3 boys; 10-year-old twins Alexander and Lawrence, and Christopher, age 8. For 17 years Nilsa and Edgard were management and technology consultants for companies such as Price Waterhouse and Sun Microsystems. In 2001 they met previous owner Judi Neiss and Sassy South, and fell in love with both. “I look forward to coming to work every day,” says Nilsa, “because I know our jewelry will ultimately make someone feel special and beautiful for their prom, wedding, pageant or special occasion.  We are in the business of making women feel beautiful for very little money!”


March Atlanta Market Dates

The Gift Show will be held on March 14 to 16, and the Apparel Show will be on March 27 to 30. We look forward to seeing you there!


Consider the style of prom dress:


1) If the dress makes the statement or the neckline is covered, go for big earrings, stacked bracelets and a featured ring such as:


   IF869E                  IF950E

    (5916008)               (9120007)

JF152B (5211007)

NW103R (8416002)

EC310Brac (2225002)

2) If the dress is simple and the neckline is bare, go for a statement necklace paired with earrings and bracelet such as:

B3053S (4235004)

J0357Brac (8512002)

3) Make sure to stack several bracelets together. This is a sure way to increase your revenues. Don’t forget hair accessories; floating crystals are stunning on beautiful hair. If your customer is going for the classic look, suggest gloves.

Crystal Hair Spirals 12-Pack

MP1019Hair  (149003)