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Volume 2 * Issue 4

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May 2009





Sassy’s line of designer-inspired jewelry is fabulous!


Get the look without the hefty price tag with our high quality jewelry inspired by famous designer styles!



Add-On Sales:

Jewelry as Teacher’s Gift


The end of the school year is near, and with it comes a great sales opportunity.  Promote the fashion jewelry in your store as a year-end gift for teachers!  Whether classic designer-inspired or fun and trendy, teachers will love receiving a unique gift, moms will love giving something special and affordable, and you will love the extra sales!

(And don’t forget - Mother’s Day is May 10!)


Caring For Fashion Jewelry

With proper care, fashion jewelry will last a long time. Here are tips to keep it looking as good as the day it was purchased.

1) Moisture can tarnish the surface of costume jewelry, so never bathe or shower with jewelry on.

2) When not wearing jewelry, store it separately in ziplock bags to limit exposure to air and oxidation, which can break down metal over time. This also keeps it free of moisture, tangles, and scratches.

3) Lotion, make-up, perfume and hair spray can damage jewelry, so make putting on jewelry the last thing you do before heading out the door.

4) If you notice a bit of tarnish, use a cleaner that states it is compatible with costume jewelry. We recommend Sassy’s Jewelry Cleaner ER1 and Buff Cloth ER13 to make it look like new.


June Atlanta Market

The Apparel Show will be on June 12 to 16.

We look forward to seeing you there!


Did You Know?

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Trivia Question

Q: What did Holly Golightly have engraved at Tiffany’s jewelry store in the movie “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”?

A: A toy ring found in a box of Cracker Jacks.



Tough economic times call for financial restraint, which is good news for costume jewelry retailers!


Consumers may refrain from high end luxury items, but will still treat themselves to small indulgences.  Apparel sales are down, but sales of lipstick are soaring.  No budget for fine jewelry?  Designer-inspired jewelry is the perfect solution to treating yourself without breaking the budget!


Cubic Zirconia / Crystal Earrings

ND7245Ear (5210002)


Crystal Oval CZ Pendant

ND7211Neck (9714506)


Sassy has a beautiful collection of designer inspired bracelets, earrings, necklaces and rings.

Crystal prong set two-tone ring

IJ711Ring (5013002)


Designer Hinged Cuff

TJ3611Brac (8230500)


Cubic Zirconia Cable Earrings

ND7240Ear (918003)