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Volume 2 * Issue 7

A Monthly Newsletter for Sassy Buyers

July 2009





Encourage customers to keep their expensive fine jewelry safe at home during vacation. By purchasing high quality costume jewels like Cubic Zirconia, your clients will have the glamour they crave without fear of loss or theft dampening their vacation.






Make a statement: Create displays that highlight current trends in fashion jewelry. Use images from fashion magazines and signage explaining the latest style trends.

Accessibility: Insure customer interaction with easy-to-shop displays that encourage customers to touch and try on items. Have mirrors close by.

Cash wrap displays: Use this prime real estate area to encourage impulse purchases.

Lighting: Proper lighting makes jewelry shine to its best advantage, and places a focus on products that you want to highlight.

Full displays: Customers respond best to full displays of merchandise rather then fewer items that look picked over. Group jewelry by color for strong visual impact.

Model the merchandise: Have sales associate wear your jewelry every day. Customers buy what they see and understand.

Sassy On Wheels:
Angela Newsome and the Jewel Buggy

Look for Angela Newsome, sales rep with Russo-Williams, as she travels throughout the Southeast with the Jewel Buggy – a fun, walk-in mobile showroom with pink shag carpet, zebra print walls, and a crystal chandelier! The Jewel Buggy showcases Sassy Jewelry, from fashion daywear to prom, pageant and special occasion. Angela and her Jewel Buggy are available for fashion and trunk shows, and may be reached at: AngelaNewsome@windstream.net.

Rap Stars’ Bling Not The Real Thing


The Wall Street Journal recently reported celebrity jewelers are being asked by recession-squeezed rappers to make bling with less-precious stones and metals, including Cubic Zirconia, the synthetic diamond stand-in. That wealth-flaunting rap star may indeed be wearing watered-down “ice”!


July Atlanta Market


We can’t wait to see our fabulous customers at the Gift Show! It will be held July 8th through the 15th.




Beauty meets affordable luxury in our Cubic Zirconia Jewelry! Sassy’s CZ collection offers a clarity, sparkle and durability similar to diamonds but with a low price tag. With our selection of earrings, necklaces and bracelets, we have options for every occasion!


CZ Teardrop Neck and Ear Set

J7170Set (3327755)


CZ Cubist Necklace

IJ5816Neck (9620007)




CZ Hoop Earrings

IJ1108Ear (2612009)



CZ Square Pave Drop Necklace

IJ5510Neck (659001)


Emerald Cut CZ Stud Earrings

AG2702Ear (427006)






CZ Flat Circle Bracelet

IJ3688Brac (9813503)




CZ Past, Present and Future Earrings

AG3516Ear (386501)