Jewelry Style Guide #2

Think of your special event as your own personal walk down the red carpet -- the equivalent of a premiere fashion show or maybe the Oscars. You want to look perfect!

That means you'll need to worry about the entire ensemble: a coordinating manicure, pedicure, purse/clutch, corsage, hairstyle, hair accessories, shoes and jewelry.  Oh yes, the jewelry
What Jewelry Should I Wear?

We are constantly asked to pick the "perfect" jewelry for a dress.  Whether is picking jewelry for a photograph shoot, wedding, pageant or prom; we always take the following factors into consideration:
1.    What Look Are You Trying to Achieve?
The first question you must ask yourself is what look are you trying to achieve.  You need to define that totally unique look that says to all your fiends, "this is who I am; this is how I feel about myself."  Are you in the mood for a complete feminine look?  Do you dare to try the "Sexy Siren" look?  Are you in the mood for the retro look, mimicking the late 1800s in Paris or the turn of the century Victorian look?  Are you trying to achieve sweet, girlie, hot, sexy, sporty, punk, genie in a bottle or diva with an attitude?  The style or design of the jewelry you will need to buy will depend on the look you are trying to achieve.  For example a Victorian look calls for a Victorian-design chandelier earring.  A feminine and sweet look calls for a dainty and glimmering necklace complemented with a small dangle earring and perhaps a small bracelet.  A hot and sexy look calls for bug chunky dangle earrings, necklaces with long drops and some times wide bracelets.  The diva with an attitude look calls for a beautiful Victorian or Vintage large necklace over a strapless simple dress. 
2.    Is the Dress Understated or Overstated?
If your dress is simple and understated, add interesting accessories. If you have a glam gown with lots of sequins, beads, color, etc., go easy on accessorizing.  Either way, accessories are a must.  You may just want to wear simple earrings and forgo the necklace and the bracelet with a glam gown.  Remember, earrings are a must-have item in order to achieve a finished look.  Never forgo the earrings.  A coordinating clutch or little purse is also a necessity.
3.    What is the Shape of the Dress Neckline?
Pay attention to the shape of the dress neckline when selecting a necklace, so that there is not conflict between the two shapes. 
A high-necked dress, boat, halter or one-shoulder neckline does not call for a necklace.  Similarly, if you are planning to wear a shawl/wrap around your neck you should then skip the necklace.  While a necklace is not always appropriate, earrings are a must-have item in order to achieve a finished look.  A higher-necked dress may look better with small drop earrings, while an off-the shoulder look may call for longer dangle earrings.  Wearing a bracelet becomes increasingly important if you decide not to wear a necklace.  An earring-bracelet combination works great when a necklace is missing.  When wearing a bracelet, make sure it matches the rest of the jewelry you are wearing.  When selecting a bracelet, keep in mind that some fabrics are easily snagged.  You do not want to spend your evening removing the threads of you dress from your jewelry.
For a V-shaped, heart-shaped or princess neckline a necklace with a drop, a "Y"-shaped necklace or a long plunging lariat might be the right thing.  A short delicate choker also works well.  When wearing a necklace, make sure the earrings match the necklace and bracelet that you wear, and all pieces should create a balanced and finished look. 
Strapless necklines are the easiest.  Almost any necklace looks good on a strapless neckline.  Chokers are dynamite with strapless necklines.  Also a dainty piece looks breathtaking on a strapless neckline.  Strapless necklines offer a perfect opportunity to wear a striking Victorian or Vintage necklace.  Remember to go easy on the earrings and possibly forgo the bracelet when selecting a striking Victorian or Vintage necklace.
A princess neckline often looks best with a dainty piece that hugs the base of your neck.  Complete the look with a matching earring and bracelet.
4.    Color Anyone?
Crystal jewelry comes in a rainbow of colors.  Don't feel trapped by clear jewelry.  Austrian crystal jewelry comes in many colors.  Pay attention to the color of the dress and try to match the jewelry to the color of the dress.  Is your dress beaded or highlighted in any way with crystal?  If so, pay attention to the color of the beads and the crystals on your dress and try to match your jewelry accordingly.  You will be surprised by the result.
Finishing touches...
Many hairstyles can be enhanced with the addition of a sparkly pin or barrette.  If you decide to wear hair accessories, be sure that the look matches your other jewelry.  While much of the hair jewelry is beautiful, be careful not to overstate your overall look with too much.
Gloves are no longer considered a winter necessity.  They can instantly change the look and mood of an outfit. Nothing imparts the feeling of classic elegance and chic more than wearing gloves. Gloves are also a wonder camouflage if you dislike your arms.  A pair of gloves will hide any flaw or imperfection.  There are gloves of every length (driving gloves, gauntlets, elbow and opera length versions, and some that almost resemble detachable sleeves and reach practically up to the shoulder). There are gloves in neutrals like black, white, and cream, as well as bold accent colors. They are even available in metallic colors like gold and silver. 
Yes, being "Perfect" for your special event is important, but much more important is to have fun.  Make the preparation fun and you will have unforgettable memories to cherish for the rest of your life.

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